Nick Apostolides has developed his heavy dramatic style of method acting in films, worked on over 100 commercials, been nominated for an Emmy (Hosting) and has now entered the world of Motion Capture/VO. Most recently he portrayed Officer Leon Kennedy in the Resident Evil 2 Remake (body, face, voice) and has also voiced 2 characters over 3 games in the Life Is Strange universe (Frank Bowers and Charles Erikson). Right now he is traveling the world on a 10-episode Docu-build show that helps communities/organizations in need. Countries explored include Peru, Bolivia, South Africa, Haiti, Bulgaria, Mexico and more. Also, stay tuned for some new and exciting MoCap projects that are already completed!

Nick was born in Salem, MA and spent most of his life in the Boston area. He was lucky enough to have been raised with two amazing brothers, Steve and Dave. He led an extremely artistic and creative childhood but eventually shifted his focus to acting due to his love of the cinematic experience. The unconditional support of his parents Steve and Dotty has always played a huge factor in every single endeavor.

Though he is always very sociable and outgoing, Nick often portrays characters that have more stoic, complex and mysterious qualities. Reflection and empathy play the largest role in his preparation.

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