Nick Apostolides was born in Boston MA where he spent his formative years until recently moving to California to further his acting career.  The inspiration came from his love of the cinematic experience and the support of his very creative/versatile parents Steve and Dotty.

Since 2011, Nick has developed his heavily dramatic style in leading roles, will hit his 100th commercial mile-stone in 2017 and just booked the lead role in his FIRST MAJOR Video Game franchise (filming now)!  He will be providing full-performance Motion Capture/VO work and has voiced characters for 2 more games.  Upcoming films to watch out for include "The Suffering", "The Genesis" (Hyundai Branded Content), and "American Girl".

Though very sociable, Nick has always been in part an introvert and from this place, he enjoys playing characters with depth, complexity and a sense of mystery.